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GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! If you're currently in panic mode regarding holiday gift buying, here are TWO nifty ideas: Buy your loved ones tickets to the 2024 HUMP! dirty movie festival and/or tix to the funniest comedy event of the year, the Mercury's UNDISPUTABLE GENIUSES OF COMEDY featuring a hilarious night the very best of local comedy talent! And now I present you with the convenient gift of NEWS.


• A new report from Street Roots and the county medical examiner reveals that at least 315 Multnomah County houseless people died in 2022—a shocking 63% increase over the previous year. Half of the deaths were identified as accidental, as the majority of those were caused by drug overdoses, but there was also an increase in traffic fatalities, murder, and suicide. Also important to remember from this report:

“There are multiple intersecting causes leading to homelessness, including lack of affordable housing, racial injustice, lack of social support systems, substance use and abuse, mental health challenges, and a lack of access to health care, both physical and behaviora. This report represents the intersection of these drivers.”

• Two Multnomah County jail deputies are in deep doo-doo and facing misconduct charges for failing to perform their jobs—actions which possibly led to the deaths of two inmates. Seven inmates died in the county's jails this year, as investigations into the cause continues. Our Courtney Vaughn has more!

• Portland was shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Portland DJ and party producer Patrick Buckmaster, who according our Suzette Smith, "wove an appreciation of drag, persona, music, and satire into what ultimately proved to be a community-building practice that left its traces across the city." They were 33. Find out more about Buckmaster and the world they created in this touching obit.

• An Oregon court has struck down the state's Climate Protection Program—which demands that natural gas utilities and fuel suppliers gradually cut emissions—after companies took the Environmental Quality Commission to court, saying they did not meet heightened disclosure requirements and should therefore be invalidated. The state Attorney General’s Office is considering pushing the decision before the Oregon Supreme Court.


• After the nonpartisan Colorado Supreme Court yanked Trump off the state's ballot (because he is clearly an insurrectionist... and does the US really need that right now?), at least a dozen more challenges are working their way through the courts in states across the nation (including swing states such as Michigan and Arizona). Will they be as successful? There's a lot in play, and this report explains what's involved.

• Speaking of criminals, a judge has ordered Trump crony Rudy Giuliani to start paying two Georgia election workers the $148 million he owes them IMMEDIATELY, out of fears that he will hide his assets and squirm out of his responsibility. (And like, would that surprise you even a bit?)

• Serial creep and governor of Texas Greg Abbott has continued his practice of demonizing and dehumanizing migrants by busing thousands of them from his state to democratically-run cities—and is now upping his game by flying 120 migrants from the US-Mexico border to Chicago.

• Today in shocking statistics: According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, nearly 20,000 people have been killed in Gaza following Israel's constant air and ground attacks—70 percent have been women and children, and 90% of the population has been displaced. Sounds like a genocide to me.

• And finally... move over Mariah, there's a new #1 CHRISTMAS SONG IN TOWN!