Green Apr 28, 2009 at 1:03 pm


laughs for days. where do those millionaires get their crazy ideas? nevertheless, i am rooting for him. it's just that funny.
The new yorker had a big ass article about him two weeks ago. Unfortunately, they didn't put it all online.
It was mostly interesting because it went into good detail on the technical/engineering innovations they've had to devise and modify and whatnot. Plus, the launch has been delayed like five times. video:…
He frames himself as an explorer. It seems to me like he's more of an "adventurer."

He definitely has big ideas (especially in terms of promotion). And the article made me want to follow the blog to see how it all works out.

Also, here is his "competition" (in obtaining sponsors - the AMRF sponsored the Junk Raft - and because of the very similar idea and mission and route) -
They whipped that boat together in two weeks.
What a dashing fellow Sexy and rich, baby. I've heard about this garbage patch. I tried to find photos of it online but met with no success. I wonder what a wasteland of plastic trash looks like.
There's a (12million part) video on Vice's website of a trip to the patch. It's basically three clueless hip kids that swear A TON (they are so edgie!) who paid to charter the boat and for the scientists to get some water samples. Obnoxious, but still illuminating.

There aren't many pictures, because it's not actually a giant pile of garbage. It's spread out, and a photo wouldn't capture much.

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