It may be hard to wrap up in a cute little box, but experiential gifts can be the best: manicures, massage, sensory deprivation, cooking classes, whatever. Plus, sometimes there might be people in your life to whom you would rather not gift a physical object. Getting a facial is up there with massage as something that seems purely indulgent, but both can contribute a great deal to your health. Even if you go only once, a good skin expert can give you insight on how aspects of your lifestyle are manifesting themselves in your body's largest organ, give you some guidance on product choice, and sandblast the dead skin cells off your face with diamonds. What a gift.

It's hard to know, though, where to send someone. There are salons and spas all over town, and not just the visible ones that have storefronts and signs. There's a quasi-underground network of estheticians working in small studios across the city that you only hear about through word of mouth or diligent online marketing. If you are considering buying someone a super-fancy professional face washing (or if you aren't spending every dirty dime you've got on other people this month), I've rounded up a few of the places I've tried recently over on MOD for you to use as a starting point.

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