Sure, recreational marijuana isn't legal in Oregon... YET. But it's widely considered inevitable that by next year or the one after, it will be. We like to think ahead, so this week we published a big olde guide to gigglebush that covers some of the basics, like:

What Oregonians are looking at in term of pot-legalizing ballot measures coming down the pike.

—Let's talk about all the money our so often cash-strapped state could stand to make.

—On a lighter note, the face of stoner culture is changing. Here's a handy do/don't list so you won't get left behind.

—Oregonians are big gardeners, and legality presents a new crop to consider. But growing your own stash might not be as easy as you might think.

—The marijuana industry claims it can recommend a strain to suit just about anyone. I made two Mercury staffers who are terrified to smoke weed test that theory.

—DUIs are one of the stickiest ickiest issues surrounding pot legalization. Here's a snapshot of where it stands.

—Brownies and cookies are fine, but they're a little passé compared to the candies and tinctures you should be making if you want to take your edibles next level.

—We also checked in with reporters in Colorado and Washington who have been following the rollout of legalization in their own states closely. They've each composed letters addressed to Oregon containing some great advice.

—The times they are a changin', and you might consider that are a cleaner, healthier ways to get your dope on. Like vapes!

—You've hear about THC, but the next era of medicinal marijuana may well have more to do with CBD.

—Getting stoned to the bone is fine at times, but a legal industry means the pressure's off to make everything ultra-potent. Consider the introduction of a mellower, more casual joint.

—Plus oodles of stoney art thanks to Alex Chiu!