No-good lawbreaker!
  • No-good lawbreaker!
I love America! When homeless and infirm people with nowhere else to go are kicked off public sidewalks or made to cram themselves and their stuff along the curb and ingest exhaust fumes, it's probably because they got what was coming to them.

But when Girl Scouts selling their devil cookies (which I will generally, and sinfully, eat whenever possible) have to make way because of a capricious sit-lie law? It's a goddamned national outrage! Because, hey, now that the same law that's targeted people I don't like is suddenly has suddenly been applied to people I do ... BIG GOVERNMENT'S REALLY GONE AND DONE IT NOW!

Here's what the Savannah, Ga., paper had to say about the cookie-sale crackdown, right outside (for delicious measure) the historic home of the woman who founded the Girl Scouts.

Jan McKinney, who heads product sales for the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, and Randolph Scott, city of Savannah's zoning administrator, recall the situation arose after someone complained last year. Scott investigated and realized the girls were setting up their table on the public sidewalk, which violates city ordinance. ... "I know it doesn't look good," Scott said. "However, other businesses won't care if it's the Girl Scouts or March of Dimes. They're going to say, 'Why can't I sit out front and solicit business?' "

Apparently, there's some hope. Because girls, unlike, say, homeless men, are cute and nice, and because people like brightly packaged sweets, a Savannah alderman wants to change the law to give 'em a pass. Awww.