I make no bones about it: I LOVE THE ST. PAUL RODEO ON JULY 4TH! I've attended every year for the past five years—but here's the thing. I've never been to the rodeo proper. Why? Because I don't like rodeos so much, and besides, there are already too many fun things to do there. The 4th starts with a hilariously sweet/quaint small town parade that runs through the middle of town featuring tractors, cowgirls, hot rods, fire trucks, mini donkeys, and dairy queens (the real kind, not the fast food joint). Then the carnival starts, filled with fun crazy rides (including the greatest invention ever created by humankind... the mechanical bull). AND THEN you stuff your face with fantastic Mexican food and barbecue chicken. But save room for the hand-dipped corn dogs!

I'm usually too exhausted by that point to even think about the rodeo... but if you're interested in the whole shebang, it's only a 45 minute trip south, and you can see the complete schedule here.

And while I don't need to sell the concept any further, here are some photos I've taken of past St. Paul Rodeos, so you can check out the fun for yourself!

America! RAHHHHHHH!!!
  • America! RAHHHHHHH!!!

Oh, hello cultural appropriation.
  • Oh, hello cultural appropriation.


  • "Yeeeeee-HAW!"

Youll be tempted to put it in your pocket and take it home... but dont!
  • You'll be tempted to put it in your pocket and take it home... but don't!

From way up here, you people look like ants.—Me
  • "From way up here, you people look like ants."—Me

Again... Yeeeee-HAWWW!
  • Again... Yeeeee-HAWWW!

Thats some good goddamn advice.
  • That's some good goddamn advice.