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The 38 Best Things to Do in Portland This Weekend: March 23-25

Trevor Noah's in Town! March for Our Lives with Portugal. The Man! And the Thorns are BACK!

The 21 Best Concerts to See in Portland This Week: March 21-27

Queen Beth Ditto, A$AP Ferg, and George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

The 33 Best Films to Catch in Portland Theaters This Week: March 23-29

Videodrome, Tangerine, and Easy Instructions for How to Dial M for Murder

The 12 Best Ways to Make a Difference in Portland this Week: March 21-27

Watch Space Jam for Playworks, Fight Gun Violence Three Ways, and Volunteer with Misfit Samaritans

The 20 Funniest Things to Do in Portland: March 2018

Jim Jefferies! Trevor Noah! Brian Regan! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Live!

The 15 Most Delicious Things to Do in Portland: March 2018

Make St. Patrick Jealous: Live Life High on the Hog While Hogging Up all the Highballs!

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With a Sit-In and Demands, St. Johns Students Spark Change

St. Johns Is Gentrifying, and Roosevelt High’s Students Are Paying the Price

City Commissioners Now Directly Control Portland's Election Finance System

Commissioner Dan Saltzman Says That's a Recipe for Disaster. Others Agree.

Hall Monitor: That Old Dusty Trail

I'm Out! And I'll Miss You.

A New Report Shows Highway Widening Won't Solve Portland's Congestion Woes

And as a Tolling Plan Rushes Forward, Some Officials Want to Know Why ODOT Won't Research a World Without New Construction Projects

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Drowse’s New Record Confronts the White Noise of Fear

Cold Air Is Strange, Unsettling, and Endlessly Beautiful

Breakups and Band Histories: Reissues from Frightened Rabbit and the Velvet Underground

These Must-Have Albums Have Been Given Shiny New Vinyl Re-Releases

The 21 Best Concerts to See in Portland This Week: March 21-27

Queen Beth Ditto, A$AP Ferg, and George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

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Pacific Rim Uprising Review: No Guillermo del Toro, No Fun

This Movie Is Terrible. And Bad.

Unsane Review: Steven Soderbergh's Intense, iPhone-Shot Thriller

Trapped in a Mental Institution? WHAT COULD GO WRONG

Barry Review: Bill Hader’s Hitman Comedy

The SNL Vet’s New Show Isn’t What You’re Expecting

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Nimblefish: An Almost Epic Sushi Experience

And the Best Tamago Nigiri I've Probably Ever Had

Closing Time

Is It Rude to Show Up at a Restaurant with a Big Group a Half-Hour Before Closing? (Answer: Sometimes)

Take Tusk’s Signature Scents Home!

Two Great Products from One of the Best Smelling Restaurants in Town

The Last Straw

Why Local Bar Owners Are Getting Rid of Single-Use Plastic Straws

Cannabis »

Keeping an Eye on Cannabis Prohibitionists

Here Are Two Groups Spreading Misinformation

There’s One Reason Why Congress Isn’t Protecting State Cannabis Programs

And He's Up for Reelection This November

Our Weed Taxes Are Going Good Places

Portland Is Using Tax Revenue to Help Past Convicts Clear Their Records

Taking on Business Partners Who Have a “Financial Interest”

It Used to Mean One Thing, But the Rules Have Changed

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Spring/Summer Fashion: Coming in Hot!

Say Hello to Floral Motifs and Soft Pastels

The One Moto Show Gets Our Motor Runnin’

Ride or Die! (Are Those the Only Options?)

A New Beauty Trend and Celebrating Slow Fashion

Gua Sha Massage Is Administered with a Cooling Jade Stone

Fade to Light: A View from the Sidelines

A Review of Fade to Light, Portland's Best Fashion Show

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Finding Common Ground in Refugee Camps

Photographer Fazal Sheikh Gives Voice to Displaced

Fresh Art at Grapefruits

It’s an Exhibition Space Where Anything Can Happen

Spring Comes Early to Director Park

Portland Tropical Gardens’ Artsy Cure for Winter

Origins of Illimat

Making a Board Game with the Decemberists

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Late-Night Royalty

Trevor Noah Is Worthy of Any Stage Out There

Shelley McLendon’s Growing Empire

The Siren Theater Makes Space for Sketch Comedy

Frangela’s Advice? “Don’t Let Them Take Your Joy”

The LA Comedy Duo Go Together Like Stand-Up and Politics

Books »

“Reality Disappoints Regularly” in Men and Apparitions

Lynne Tillman’s Latest Captures a Scourge of Modern Life

That Feeling When Your Friend Becomes a Nazi

Matthew Dickman's Third Book of Poetry Wrestles with White Supremacy in Portland

Surprises and Horrors in Full Bleed, Portland’s New Comics and Culture Quarterly

Also Included: Punk Rock, U-Boats, and Alan Moore Fighting a Demon

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At Portland Playhouse, Scarlet Gives Hester Prynne a Voice

And a Song! Surprise! It's a Scarlet Letter Musical!

Good Morning Miss America Takes on Mortality and Caretaking

CoHo's Latest Depicts a the Reality of Aging Without Sugarcoating

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A Sporty Kind of Love

Musician Colin Meloy and Artist Carson Ellis on Their Adoration for the Blazers

Through the Drinking Glass: The Portland Mercury’s Bar Issue

Including 13 Portland Spots That Offer More Than Just Hooch

Cuckoo for Cocktails

Geeking Out on the Wild, Obsessed, and Otherwise Nerdy World of Mixing Drinks

The Last Straw

Why Local Bar Owners Are Getting Rid of Single-Use Plastic Straws