Don't worry, Dan. Obama's going to end DADT. On the last day of his administration. Maybe.

Can we finally stop "confidential to?"

It's becoming the new "Earth to."
Also, it's not very confidential. The author seems to be a fairly established sex columnist.
Confidential to the gay community: you're going to be so much better off under the Palin White House.
Well, so let's deal with what you're really saying there: yes, I do believe that a Palin presidency would indeed be far worse for the rights of my queer pals. However, asking for some accountability from a politician who specifically promised some easy administrative changes that would change things for the better isn't unrealistic or petty.

But that was a very funny joke, though.
Don't ask don't tell?! Seriously?... I think we have bigger fish to fry right now that deliberate wedge issues served up for dumb people just in time for election season. When we end the federal reserve, end the wars, end the bailouts and get our trillions back, end the patriot act, pull out of the UN, and generally stop the new world orders progress....then we can tackle DADT. Oh yeah, Obama is run by all the same folks who ran Bush.
Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

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