This one is exciting. Part of me hopes he appeals it, so I can go ahead and abandon all pretense that he gives a shit about LGBTQ rights.
Because politicians always keep their campaign promises. But what are we supposed to do, vote Repub? Write another email to our Senator's office? Serve openly in the military?
What are we supposed to do? Work and organize at the grassroots level where change can actually occur, creating pressure for changes at the national level. I hope our experience with the Obama administration so far has shown people the fallacy of putting enormous hope in one great leader who will restore Hope and bring about Change. The president is generally not the source of political change. Why not get out and organize something? Find community organizations that deal with this issue and many others and help them out.
And to those who doubt that protest can be effective, look at the longterm effects of the open rebellion at the Stonewall way back when. We need that kind of thing now as much as ever.

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