Man, I would have worn something different to work today if someone had bothered to tell me it was freaking WORLD GOTH DAY. Luckily there is still time to stop home for something black/antique/lacy, pancake makeup, and a blood red lip before bellying up at Lovecraft, my very favorite goth bar, and possibly the only goth bar, in the whoooooole city, where according to their schedule, the night's festivities will be celebrated with a set from DJ iPod—what... dude, that's hella not... oh, whatever. Meanwhile, while you watch the clock in anticipation, the results of the highly scientific and legally binding World Goth Day Awards 2012 Results are in for you to brush up on beforehand:

Best 80's goth band: The Sisters Of Mercy
Best 90's goth band: Fields of the Nephilim
Best 2000's goth band: Fields of the Nephilim
Best band of the last two years: The Last Cry
Best single of the last 12 months: 'To Dream Next To You' - The Last Cry
Best album of the last 12 months: 'Ceromonies' - Fields of the Nephilim
Best Author: Neil Gaiman
Best Model: Emma Dark Morte
Best Magazine: Gothic Beauty Magazine
Best Goth/EBM/Dark Alternative Radio Show/Station: Nightbreed Radio
Best Goth/EBM/Dark Alternative Club Venue or Night: Slimelight (UK)

(Sisters of Mercy and Neil Gaiman, yes, otherwise WHO??!!) Anyway, good thing all that fucking sunshine cleared up!