There are already so many clowns here that I don't know how we would be able to tell the difference.
"Dressing Up as a Clown is Not a Crime" Maybe, just maybe, it should be...
“’What a person can't do is scare and then chase middle-school children down the street as they are walking to school.’ I agree with this... in theory. However, I will say that some ignorant people are predisposed to being frightened of clowns. … Also middle-school children are usually dicks. So.”
HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?! Middle-schoolers are children and deserve society's protection from unwarranted fear and harassment! Children are all ignorant because they are KIDS! By all means, defend the clowns. It's your right. And it's mine to say that you are the poorest excuse for a journalist imaginable.
Queue the trolls...

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