There is significant overlap in the beliefs on the Far-Left and the Far-right. Between Noam Chomsky and Alex Jones. 1) The mainstream media lie and use propaganda to influence the public; 2) the country is controlled by a small group of wealthy people; and 3) we are lied to especially about our foreign policy, about the countries we invade, bomb, or overthrow. This is not conspiracy "theory". This is well-documented fact.
Free speech protects us from persecution from the government, not from society. As a society we can assemble and shut down socially and professionally people who's world views we have come to reject. Free Speech does NOT protect you from a jury of peers. You can say just about whatever you want in America and you won't be jailed for it, but don't think for one second that guarantees there won't be repercussions for what you say and what you stand for.

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