You're right, of course. It's just so hard to compare shit shows. I think it's true that there's enough republicans who genuinely hate Trump that he's never really gonna do shit, and Pence would change that. But I'm not sure Pence wouldn't also get caught up in all these (still sealed) indictments coming out.
I genuinely don't know. You're probably right, but that jackass still must go.
A tough call for sure. Once Trump goes, all the bad guys who started looking like good guys go back to being the bad guys again. FBI. NSA. Republican-controlled Congress. I think once a president is impeached all of his cabinet choices should be nullified because he is proven to be a criminal. Snap elections should be held using original candidates (Bernie we need you!).

But since that is probably never going to happen I think all we can do is concentrate on replacing as many seats with the color blue as possible. Katie makes a compelling point: I can see Mike Pence drooling for the number one spot every time Trump fucks up. It is quite possible he will do more damage than Trump, especially with the corporate agenda that has already been pushed so far ahead behind the scenes that none of us has any idea how much trouble we're really in after one year of this bullshit.

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