"Krutch" was great did it involve "kink?"
Yeah, I liked krutch a lot (although it didn't get my vote in any of the categories)... but I feel that for it to be nominated as 'kink' goes against the spirit of the film.
It's bullshit that Magic Love got best in show *and* best humor *and* runner-up in sex. Each film should only be able to win one time. To whom do I talk to about modifying the rules for Hump so that there's more parity and variety in the winners' circles?
I feel like "How to get A head in Business" shoulda gotten a slice of the win pie.
I agree with the comment about not being able to win more than one category. More variety please! Especially since there were so many deserving films. Also, Magic Love was not Portland-made, ha. Sorry to burst your pride, but it was made in and by LA-ers.

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