Dear obviously recent Portland transplant—you: about 18, driving dad's Porsche Panamera (costs what a PDX home used to)—double parked in the soon-to-be demolished food court on 50th/Division. I've dined on this corner for a decade now, but soon these carts will vanish too; replaced by yet another towering obscenity (like the one nearly complete on 50th) to house more of "your kind". You strutted about like Julius Caesar loudly protesting: "WTF? Why do all the food carts in this stupid town keep disappearing?" Ironic PDX moment #23. I'm thinking: YOU ARE THE REASON they are vanishing!! The reason Division and Hawthorne are yuppie havens; every time I see another craftsman sell for 600k, only to get demolished for more tickytacky, I want to shit a giant OLD SCHOOL Los Gorditos vegan burrito TURD in your entitled mouth—- which reminds me: Fred A. should help bury our formerly hip and alternative city even further with a new episode that corresponds perfectly with my new bumper sticker: "PORTLAND IS SO OVER". Rapid gentrification ruined SF 25 years ago, and all the well intentioned yuppies who are displacing and overdeveloping our city into urban blight, I hope you step on a dirty needle in front of your condo...same one where the homeless junky is panhandling -same junky who was sober when he had a decent job and lived in the reasonably priced Portland Victorian that was there before but was demolished so that yuppie condo could be built. More irony. I mean, that's progress.