Just like trying to get a right-wing nut-bag to actually answer a question (such as why they think "Barry is a Muslim"), trying to get an extreme liberal to answer the fluoride question is equally as frustrating. I know, I know… it's fluoride again, but since that article posted by the editor came out, my frustration was rekindled.

The thing about extreme liberals is that they're too PC or afraid to say that they think the poor are too stupid to take care of themselves or their children, therefore the government must do so. "I guess you don't care about poor children?" is a response I've heard many times during this fluoride debate.

When you bring up that schools already offer fluoride pills to parents who wish their kids to take, they simply ignore it. When you bring up that instead of dosing the entire city, you could use that money the big corporations would have received to fluoridate the entire city and instead create some dental hygiene program for families who apparently don't know to brush their teeth, they go right back to either name-calling, or questioning whether or not you care for poor children.

I'm tired of these elitist liberals who are too cowardly to say how they truly feel: The poor are too stupid to take care of themselves.