Dear Woo Bro sitting in front of us at the Ravi Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders performance last night, THIS WAS NOT A PEARL JAM SHOW! While, we are very much aware and even appreciate your clear love and admiration for the amazing musicians on stage, screaming at the top of your lungs and even cutting off the host, Ravi Coltrane, to make sure your scream was heard first, was wildly inappropriate. Listen, I'm not saying we need to sit back, prim and proper, clapping like it's a golf tournament, but the sounds you were making were just simply out of line with the energy of the music and the people around you. It was disruptive, jarring and just plain rude. Next time you go to a jazz show, check out all of the equally enthusiastic, but energetically aligned participants around you and please follow suit. The alternative is that we all suffer through the horrific sounds you are making, rather than basking in the transcendence of the performers we actually came to see. Save that shit for the Dave Matthews parking lot, PLEASE!