A Pearl Jam *and* Dave Matthews bro reference? Someone went to college in the late '90s!!!
That "look at me" shit ain't cool at a Pearl Jam show either.
Personally, I like to bring a giant foam "we're #1" finger and a bullhorn to jazz shows. It's hard to keep my beer helmet from dripping on my turtleneck but it's so worth it when I see how jazzed(see what I did there?) the performers are by my enthusiasm. Wooooooooohoooooooo!
Enthusiastic but energetically aligned participants basking in the transcendence of the performers, sounds like a "real drag" (lingo circa the 50's and early 60's when Jazz was Cool). Sounds like that crowd needed a little Clapton, Mayall or Mr. Taj Mahal. Sorry your night was ruined, but you sound like a first class boring snob and egomaniac telling people how to act a a fucking concert. I hope you don't get out much!