Portland is not a progressive city. Our supposedly "progressive" mayoral candidate, who has apparently supported LGBTQ and other progressive causes, is a member of an Evangelical Christian church which holds to the beliefs that cohabitation before marriage is a sin, homosexuality is a sin, and women are not fit to lead the church. Bailey claims he "rejects" those beliefs, yet there he is front and center every Sunday, dancing to the music. Seems that he has taken on progressive causes because it is politically expedient to do so, not because he actually believes in them. Is he not aware of all of the suffering and discrimination women and LGBTQ people have experienced at the hands of Christians and their ideologies? How can he even partway associate himself with an organization that espouses such hateful beliefs? His existence is yet another indication that Portland is not truly progressive (hello, gentrification and displacement). Do not vote for this man. He is a hypocrite.