Veterans Administration tried to deny Agent Orange was deadly. This is just the beginning of a long road I have been on seeking help for my family member. Monsanto and the Government tried to deny the damage to the servicemen serving there. Now I found out the barrels that contained Monsanto's deadly mixture were indeed stored in Vietnam, many dropped in the sea for disposal. Routine patrols guarded the barrels and reported leaks, and were told it was no big deal. The drums were many times dropped in the sea, mixed on the base and covered with concrete after the war. The Veterans still train their employees to not acknowledge this or brush it off. My family member is one of these men that has problems fighting the memories of that so long ago war. The Veterans Administration is lying again and again. I wish he would have gone to Canada back then. I hope he lives to see the change that could come if this country starts accepting responsibility. This is one of the many reasons I will never support a war. I do not want to see my relative die without his voice being heard. I hope the young ones coming back from Iraq ,Afghanistan ,Desert Storm do fight here at home for their health and rights. They are our future, and deserve never to be treated like Vietnam Veterans. Times are different now, and we still have not learned.