Running for Mayor of this City will bring some changes that will shake you up so bad, it will overflow to every corner of this state. No more Sugar Tit. If you get money from the foster children program, so you can have your groceries and bills paid, at the expense of the kids needing clothing and basic rights, your day in the sun is done.

If you collect from good old Uncle Sam for your made up PTSD claim, put your guns away slick because you will no longer be shooting squirrels off your electric lines. You have been screwing the system so long, you think you are unique.

Oh, I could go on, but one more thing. I will make sure every police officer, protecting my family and yours, will get get the respect of every person residing in this area. I will make sure dangerous criminals that put us at risk will have a knot jerked in their tail so tight only their mommie can undo it. Grow some hair on your ass you pretend passavist, and lazy, lazy, people.