Let me explain a little something about driving to you, since it's pretty clear you've never done it... it's rush hour, it's dark, the roadways are wet and the lines are in desperate need of re-painting. I'm just trying to go the speed of traffic, stay in my lane, not get rear-ended. The car behind me is crawling up my ass and the headlights are reflecting directly into my god damn face. I can't fucking SEE you at the unmarked cross walk. I know the law, but do yourself a favor and wait. Walk to a light. Ya made it home safely enough to post a rant, obviously, as I'm sure your whining ass would have mentioned if you were currently in the hospital. Rage about cars all ya want, but you can bet your sweet ass I wouldn't be out in this traffic if I didn't have to be. I'll stop when I can see you. In June.