I can pass judgments on people. Not racist, or prejudiced. Could be stereotypes but as a friend says, that just points out the truth. These are more predictions on behavior. The notion of how people just look out after themselves.
A homeless vet everyday at 6am sits in the same place. A few hours later at lunch has moved a few blocks. What does he do all day? Guess being a homeless vet he already did his time and no longer needs to do shit, eh?
A buddy with his electronic reading device open like he's reading but all he's doing is checking out other people from the corner of his eye. Beady little conniving eyes pretending like he's deep in thought with profoundness in his mind. Such an actor. But I know all he's doing is passing judgments on others by what they're wearing and how they look. Not to mention checking out ass everytime a babe walks by.
The much debated bags on seats or people in the aisle seat on trimet when people need a seat. But is it warranted when at least ten people board all the time at the same place and expect, if not demand, seats? Then as the bus empties then fills up again and one of the demanders is taking the aisle or has bag on seat, how ironic to not behave how they want others to.
Thing is. I hate knowing this. Hate seeing this. Hate that my brain sees these patterns and darkness. I don't like it anymore. It is bitterness and resentment. No good for my peace of mind, but that could I stop if I tried?