You're a member of this organization making you think you own everything, and gives you power and privilege. I just work here therefore you think you can tell me what to do. I've dealt with your kind for a long time. Every now and then, people like you come along. Most people are understanding, sweet, and get it. I'm sorry if noone listens to your ideas in committee meetings you belong to where all you do is eat food. You don't do shit for this organization. If you do, it's not for the beauty in your heart. I see you and look the other way. I know what you're all about. Luckily I don't see you often yet still more than I'd like. Maybe just a few times you've tried to power trip me and boss me around. So just so you know, I've done nothing. I haven't even tried. I don't feel bad. If you were a nice person, I would probably do it. If you knew my name...If you asked nicely...But you can't do any of that even though compassion is the whole premise of this organization you're in. I'm sorry if you got bullied as a kid for being fat, or for being a four eyes. Sorry if you couldn't walk up stairs because noone could buzz you up the elevator so you got pissed and needed to take it out on me. Sorry you were dealt a harsh card in life and bossing people around is your way to amend the issue. Just so you know, do unto others as you want done to you. So, I will do as you do to me. No wonder you don't have very many people who like you or say nice things about you, even in HIS house.