you and the boss are fucking. that's the only reason you got promoted to the new position over me despite my higher level of experience and tenure. you are the donald trump of office sluts. you're fucking fucking that pervie misogynist douch bag of a boss. that's the only reason you got the promotion, you whore. remember that. you can't possibly think you could get away with it and have no repercussions. hope the both of you enjoy the fresh dutch chocolate soft serve icecream i leave for you everyday in the bowl of our only restroom. i thought i heard someone drop an wtf-bomb while in there yesterday, tee hee. so next time you're fucking around on the clock behind closed doors i'll be in the restroom leaving you two another present. it's not easy holding this crap in all day but it's well worth it. perhaps i'll make it peanutbutter or rocky road tomorrow.