Enough of the "I wanna see Trump's hairdo" and "I wanna see that spray tan." Who gives a fucking shit? If that's the kind of shit you comment about, then you are just another part of the god damn mainstream American reality TV, like Bachelorette, Dancing with Stars, Idol, and on and on, and on and on, bullshit that gets shoved in your face every night. You buy into all this image shit, and that's all you can comment on. Voting for Presidents and Politicians have become just as shallow as voting for the next Voice. It's just another superficiality of American life and culture that is so stupidly prominent with so many voting people with democracy and that awesome voice that matters in their hands.

Enough of this air hype. Ain't it just like the god damn news to broadcast the newest, freshest, noteworthy, critical topics and create fear and alarm in people to then cause these neighbors to go all up in arms, and become concerned citizens and patriots. Global warming has been happening forever. It's just "cool" and green now to care about it. Think for yourselves! Stop letting people tell you what to do, and what to think! Ain't it the American way to just jump on some bandwagon on the topic that receives the most attention and start caring about it suddenly.

Someone stole my post on Facebook, and took fucking credit for it, and now is getting all the hype. Good fucking lord, Jesus fucking Christ, these mainstream shits that can't come up with their own idea.