As you turned in front of us in your gray car with California plates, I muttered too loudly “Go Back to Cali." When you flipped a U-turn and came back to cuss me out, I was prepared for battle. You see, now that I know you’re a Portland native, too, I’m sure you can at least appreciate a little bit how hard it is to mourn the city we both grew up in, replaced by a yuppie amusement park, thanks in large part to Cali transplant real estate speculators. What I wasn’t prepared for was the depth and breadth of the vitriol you spewed at me, interlaced with so many f-bombs I lost count (but I’m sure my 3 year old who was with me probably caught them all). But I deserved it, even if I wasn’t big enough to admit it at the time. There’s no excuse for snide comments like that, especially as you noted, for a parent who should be role modeling. However, since you shared some details of what’s causing you stress (I’m sincerely sorry about your ill family member), I want you to know you’re not the only one suffering. I’m a full-time single dad by virtue of the fact that my son’s mom is an alcoholic, and left me to raise him on my own. You see, I’m an asshole on the outside, because of the all the bitterness on the inside. I just wanted you to know, so in case I ever see you again, maybe you’ll let me apologize. And I also wanted to thank you, as you forced me to do some pretty intense self-reflection, as I don’t want my son to grow up with an asshole for a dad.