It's funny how that if the government trains you to shoot good, you are celebrated for killing people. They teach you to hide like a rat, sneak up on people and murder them. There is no face-to-face combat, no, you are praised for being a coward who hides in the shadows.

See, if the government says it's OK, if they sanction it, then you will be celebrated. Hell, you'll go down in the history books and IF you are lucky, there will be a movie made about you. And why? Because you killed people. KILLED people from the shadows like the aforementioned rat. Are they simply not government-sanctioned serial killers?

It's also funny that if you simply replace the word "KILL" with "MURDER", it sounds like something we would lock people up for... and even kill them for all of their killings:

Chris Kyle had at least 160 confirmed murders during four tours in Iraq between 2003 and 2009. Roza Shanina was one of the more well known female murderers in history. When active, she amassed 59 confirmed murders in her very short career. Adelbert Waldron served in the Vietnam War and murdered 109 people.

And vice versa:
Ted Bundy officially had 30 confirmed kills, but some estimates run upwards of 100 or more. Gary Ridgeway is accredited with over 90 confirmed kills. John Wayne Gacy is accredited with 33 confirmed kills between the years 1972-1978. See how fun this is?

God Bless America!