I get sick and tired of hearing all these people (usually right-wingers) spew out phrases about the military "fighting for our freedom," "protecting our freedom" or "give thanks for our freedom." What the fuck does that mean, anyway? NOTHING.

Let's see...

We lost Korea and what freedoms did we lose? The next decade (1960's) were a time of absolute freedom and liberation.

We lost Vietnam. Again, the 60's were a time of free love, free-wheelin' and rampant drug use. The 1970's was also a time of decadence and free expression.

We lost Iraq and Afghanistan... and as far as I can tell, the only "freedom" we lost was to move quickly through an airline terminal. The NSA has violated some of our freedoms, but that is our own government and not the "enemy".

Seems to me that going overseas to kill brown people has little to no effect on our freedoms. I can't think of one freedom the military has preserved for us, but yet you always hear these politicians and "patriots" (again, usually right-wingers) cry that "Freedom ain't free" or "Like your freedom? Thank a vet!" as an excuse to kill even more brown people.

Remember when Dubya said that the reason for 9/11 was that they "hate our freedom"? Even then I was crying foul. You mean to tell me that someone living in a cave halfway across the world hates the fact that I can take a vacation, or go to the movies, or have a Netflix account?

It's a sham, man and you're a fool if you believe it.