I sent my tax returns off beginning of February.
Yesterday found out my 8962 form was incomplete. This is the tax form for health insurance through the marketplace.
1st call was over an hour that got disconnected.
2nd call was over an hour and a half on hold and talking to a lady that helped me out, but still left me confused.
Today, 3rd call for about 20 minutes that got disconnected.
4th call for about 15 minutes where the lady couldn't hear me.
5th call for 30 minutes finding out maybe the truth.

My form was incomplete because the instructions were not descriptive and detailed to include form 1040 EZ, only stating to use 1040 A or 1040.
The reasons being, the drafters of the form rushed to make up this form for this tax season without thinking.
It is only form 1040 A that can take in to consideration any to pay or overpayment from 8962. No other form can.
Also, the reasons for the long holds are because they were short staffed. But today they have more people able to take calls.

I only imagine their job to be the worst taking calls all day. So I was patient and understanding. But fuck this stupid fucking god damn shit.
Look at the fucking headache it has caused me and the fucking time I spent calling, and the fucking problems it has probably caused millions of fucking Americans too.
Now I'll wait another 10 weeks after I get the right form 1040 A from the library.
Yup, fucked up the ass.