Flowers foods has recently bought out Dkb entirely. Every time you buy a loaf of Dkb the money goes to flowers foods. This is a company that donates a very large amount of money to any and all republican candidates and who also owns wonder bread and tasty kakes.
I have worked at Daves for some time. After many years of crappy jobs I found a home at Dkb, i felt my ideals, morals and ethics were finally in line with my employer. I really enjoyed this. Since the buyout I have seen nothing but lies, disrespect and an overall feeling of being shit on. I now work for a company who does not care about its employees, only its production.
When we first met the flowers folk , they were all handshakes and smiles, three weeks later it's nothing but entitlement, and cutting jobs(they are like privileged children).
While I wonder if I could have said no to 275 million, I also wonder about integrity and passing your familys business along to your family.
I am disheartened, angry and have a growing hatred towards flowers foods inc.
Dkb; thank you for showing me there are companies that are/were doing the right thing, and taking care of your employees. fuck you for selling to flowers.
Flowers; just. . . Fuck You
I will be resigning.