I think it's really cool that those day storage containers for the homeless that the taxpayers paid almost $70,000 are going unused. I also think it's really cool that the city made this big speech about how these people can now go look for work without having to worry about their belongings; these down and out folks now have a way to get back on their feet, hallelujah.

Oh, and the needle disposal boxes the taxpayers also paid for are just awesome, cuz you know, if you're going to look for work, you gotta get high before doing so. The clean-up of countless piles of human feces isn't free, so I'm super happy that the taxpayers are also footing that biohazard bill.

I do think it's weird though, that people who were presumably recently living in a home, going to work, raising a family, are now living in such conditions. Are you telling me that if I lost my job and my house, I'd soon be shooting up drugs and taking dumps out in the open? Wow, that's really weird, because I don't see myself as that kind of person, nor would I camp in places that had those kind of people, but what do I know?

But, the line we're being fed by all these do-gooders is that is exactly what happened to these people. All they need is a place to put their stuff and it's back on the road to owning/renting a place and living indoors. No more shitting out in the open or shooting up drugs for them! More day storage containers and needle disposal boxes, I say!