I hate people who post one inspiration quote after another. I hate getting cards with just a signature and some sentimental tripe that some Hallmark employee came up with. I don't even read cards anymore… I just check for money. No money? Straight into the recycling bin you go!

If you can't speak for yourself, then I hate you. If you have to search the internet for just the right quote to describe how you feel, you can go to hell. Seriously, it's so fucking stupid to read these things, I just can't stand it any longer.

Quotes that have to do with "Courage," "Be Strong," "Believe in yourself," Succeed," "Love," "You go Girl!"… I HATE THEM ALL. They are an indication of an unthinking person who has a follower mentality. I don't want to be your friend and I don't want to date you.

And as far as the Hallmark cards go: Just send money, will ya? Don't even bother signing it because I don't care.

Here's a inspirational quote for you: "Be Stupid All You Want, Just Don't Inflict It Onto Other People."