so some fucking newscaster said about good old American rock star, Bruce, that she likes his approach to music. that he gives the audience their money's worth and puts on a good show. That he doesn't play all drunk and stuff.

he's been doing this for years, playing as long as 3 hours a show. he's been a professional musician for years and years. I'm not a boss fan either. i'm a musician fan. to suggest musicians get drunk. she also said that she likes that he treats what he does like a job. fucking shit. he's not the only one. musicians do get drunk, but not all, and very many work their asses off for little or no pay because of women and people like this who don't value music as a profession, and look at it like they don't work at it.

you're probably all the same people that pay 20% of the cash register, and hope that the musicians brings all their friends, fans, and families in, and devour your food and drink, that is, if you aren't asking them to play for free.