I knew we had turned the corner of cosmic karma, when I woke from a dream, exactly when I needed to, after hitting the snooze button, once. And this time, everything had EXACTLY as it's supposed to: I could actually fight like a fookin movie star: was fucking the amazingly gorgeous woman with the sexy overbite: made an epic get away, on a garden cart that handled and had power like a stripey ass ape: ejected my ass wipe, hanger on friend, in an up on two wheels turn; and roared off, losing the cops who were blinded by the sunset I was blasting into! My bagel popped up, toasted perfectly, instead of fucking burnt, on the exact same setting. Sat down with coffee, like Tarantino makes, and the back page of the Merc had some of the funniest Karmel, Dinosaur Comics and I Anon, since day two. It's Friday, I've got two estimates out that peeps are going to sign today. And my hair looks great after brushing it, and I'm 1/2 fucking bald. Yeeeaah, baby! Aw, shit my roommate who snorts and hocks up shit in the morning like a disgusting garbage disposal, just walked out, before I had a chance to leave for work.....NO! NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOO!