Yesterday was a strange day for me as I am a transplant to Oregon, never do I ask people personal questions while shopping. In fact my opinion is keep your religious beliefs to yourself unless you are in a place of Worship. I was asked by two grocery store employees what my plans were this weekend. I looked at my partner to see if he was feeling the strange questions as an invasion of shoppers anonymous. There were no eggs, party favors, stuffed bunnies,chickens or other novel gifts to celebrate a religious Holiday sliding to the finish line. We were not wearing pastel Easter attire. We were both polite and grumbled something like, just working. Same ole, same ole. i was thinking about this a bit last night and sort of missing my childhood days, then I pulled myself together.

This morning another breaking story about a Geezer Religious Politician being a notorious Whore Dog. I am just saying if you are running for public office, please do not bring your personal sexual life to the public when you are saying you are a Born Again Christian. UGH just Ugh. You people are old with families and no one wants to imagine you getting laid by some desperate old,haggard politician. This goes for women and men. You are all GROSS.
Leave God out of your bedrooms. Vomit,Vomit. Just shut the hell up about your private parts.