For further advancement of technology, and better, quicker, and cooler computer and gaming products, so we can teach these lessons to our children. I don't see the majority of fucking kids wanting to learn ceramics, music, art, painting, drawing, poetry, etc. more so than their video game, or phone. Nobody does shit with their hands anymore, unless its typing some copy of an image on a website.

"Filing online takes minutes and will reduce future mailing, postage, and processing costs which will in turn increase revenue available for schools and arts organizations."
You could at least provide no postage necessary for the envelopes while you get cheaper, and save yourself money to make more money for the arts and spend money for the arts, that no one in high school wants to participate in.

"Since 2012, the Arts tax has generated over 27 million..."
Because I make just enough above the poverty level, I have to pay this? Poverty people!. I'm poor. I'm actually poor, and giving more of my money away when I can't even pay my rent.

I wish I had this kind of care growing up. I wouldn't have been smoking my brains out in the parking lot. Or I would've been smoking my brains out, but been able to draw cool pictures, and learn an instrument, which would still make me a broke starving artist today.

Nobody even pays musicians to play. Nobody even buys art unless it's cheap or given away.