Wow, stop fixing up a rental when you don't own it. Your rent will probably increase next year. Caulking a window?! You got to be fucking kidding me. When you do get evicted, I'll rent you a room in the basement but you'll have to install your own egress window.
My God, I don't want to comment on this because it is so sad. So SAD you are so dumb,dumb,dumb. Lay your caulk gun down, Now.
Get your hands off the caulk dudes
So gullible.. Midwesterners.. Easy pickens
I've got a bridge I'd love to sell you!
Umm. ORS Ch. 90 is a renter's best friend. I bet your ass hat landlord charged you first, last, and security as well as a non refundable deposit, which would be contrary to the statute. Your fault for not knowing your rights as a tenant, and your landlord's fault for not knowing his rights and limitations as a landlord.
Jeez, I thought I was being landlord friendly by flushing when the water gets real yellow and of course brown too. What is a caulk gun?

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