I had more to rant about than a 300 word limit would allow. You either need your own place to rant or we need to have a serious talk because this isn't healthy. You're already starting to have panic attacks and drown your sorrows in alcohol and we all know the reason why but can't really do anything about it other than have an open conversation. I know at least one of the reasons for your problems and it's because one of our friends moved in with you to get away from her shitty dad and you hate her boyfriend who is around all the time, but I really cannot fathom why.

I mean sure, he can be a bit of a redneck and his parents are dicks but he himself is a pretty nice and introverted guy who honestly thinks that you are his friend. I get that maybe you don't want them lovin' it up around your house but come on. I mean, I have my own reasons to be annoyed with the guy but that's just petty jealousy because I really like his girlfriend and even I can't resent the guy for just dating the girl that he likes, It was my fault for not asking her out. You can't keep doing things this way, you can't just drink your problems away because that's not how it has worked and not how it will work.