This is No Revolution


Sounds like a renter. Been here for a decade and didn't see it coming. Time to move but this time try and save for a home. Your investment will become your retirement and you'll think.... damn I should have bought a shitting apartment in PDX when I had the chance. O well, I'm all set now.... I think Tennessee is going to boom. Try Nashville. Or Detroit!!! I'd move to Detroit if I was priced out
Print a schedule out of the Rev hall events and plan everything you do around it. That's what I do when female gymnastics comes on the TV.
"I live in the downtown area of a major city, and I think parking my car should be both cheap and easy."

-Only a total moron.
Flavio I think you might be a bit of a moron. Revolution Hall is not in the downtown area of a major city. It is located in the Buckman neighborhood which is a mixed residential and commercial neighborhood of SE Portland that actully is a bit more residential than it is commericial. Businesses (and quickly and poorly constructed condos) should provide adequate parking for their patrons. That just makes sense. Thinking critically about the livability of a neighborhood is not moronic, it means you care and don't want to live in a shit hole.
I agree with Ladyj, if for no other reason, that Portland doesn't need another large venue that barely attracts a bunch of nobody artists/musicians. That's what The Doug Fir and Mississippi Studios are for.

Wait a minute... I take that back. Toad The Wet Sprocket is playing there on July 21st. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to try and get tickets to that show. Hopefully, it's not completely sold out by now.
New life goal, make property taxes in Portland so high that PandaPDX moves to Detroit! Maybe there should be a California transplant who thinks they know everything tax?!
I have to go with IA on this one.