Marijuana and Drugs -Bah Humbug!


Boring is right. My three favorite drugs are, ahyuasca, ibogaine, and Pharmaceutical-grade molly. In that order.
What's funny is how proud everyone is of smoking weed. See the current issues of the alt-weeklies for the bud-bong-selfie-circle-jerkathon. "I Smoked Weed With My Parents!" Oh so daring! "Weed Can Cure Everything Bend Over Here's A Hash Suppository!" I'll be glad when it's been legal so long that people will shut up about it. Right now it's like showing off your tattoo. "Wanna see my tattoo? Wanna know what kind of bud I smoke? Do ya? DO YA???"

Now somebody get me a gin and tonic.
I'm with Mecklem. I'm so tired of listening to my neighbor expound on the differences between the high THC strains vs. the high CBD strains. Shut up no one cares!
Smoking grass is cool. Smoking grass doesn't make you cool. I wouldn't try to talk anybody into it, no matter how beneficial and harmless it is. This whole new commercial marketing aspect is bullshit.
The Merc is totally behind the tax and regulate, profit making scheme, which is not the least bit hip.
"Include me out"? Sorry but it sounds like you didn't have many brain cells to spare in the first place. I know you don't get it (I'm assuming your saying you do was another typo/weak-minded rambling) but millions of Americans risk their freedom everyday to enjoy this simple harmless pleasure. Besides it doesn't work when you blow it up your own ass.