One thing's sure is the sunshine brings out all these people on the downtown city streets, who choose to live in the gloomy rainy northwest, btw, when they otherwise don't go outside for food cart lunches because its too cold and wet. It also brings out their egos for how good the sunshine makes them feel, and how they start thinking they own city sidewalks. Until it starts getting too hot then they give in to buying $20 fans to replace the same shitty fans they bought the year before. Oh yeah, so walking past all these confident, refreshed, and deprived people who just cannot move an inch because the sun has paralyzed their reflexes, and made Chad and Tiffany center of the universe. As this couple, it is their right so get used to it. That sidewalk is theirs. You can expect the guy of the couple to say how you're in his way. It doesn't matter if you got a heavy backpack and duffle bag. The next sure thing is how he probably does this all the time, and how it's always someone else's fault for not cooperating by his rule of sidewalk etiquette. You can then expect some bystander to give advice of how "it ain't no thing." He's right too. Being jobless, just roaming downtown empty handed, nowhere to go. It ain't no thing. This ain't even New York. I'm going to seriously start carrying tacks in my hand.