I wrote about the white face cart lady who rides tri-met with her cart and kickass muumuus. Ya feel me?

Now there's another notable character who always carries a cardboard fruit box in one hand, holding it raised just level with his head like he's carrying a waiter's tray of food around. I wonder what possessions he keeps well protected in that box of his? He also wears plastic bags wrapped around his shoes for rain.

Now this man, I dunno why he's opposed to a backpack and boots.

White face cart lady is Tri-met queen and cardboard fruit box guy is her pawn.

You ever ride the bus at the same time, every day, and sit in the same place? I didn't think so. Where half the bus recognizes you. Says hello to you. Now that's the rock star of riders. Trimet royalty. Look out for em, and get their autograph.

That's how you ride