Do you like to smoke pot and drive? Not at the same time, of course. Maybe you smoke at home after work or on the weekends while at a friends house, taking an Uber like a responsible adult. Well science hasn't caught up with legal weed yet. If you get pulled over after a short sleep while suffering from allergies or after hitting some lousy newb skateboarder, you will be the next contestant for a DUII in our lovely state. Oregon is incredibly overzealous at prosecuting minor DUII cases, and they are on your record for-ev-er. You are now a criminal for doing something that is totally legal. Say goodbye to enjoying alcohol or marijuana in moderation during your probation, or frequenting places where these are the main sources of revenue. You now get to pay for court mandated drug treatment that you probably don't need, make time in your busy schedule for community service, and wear the badge of criminal on your background checks. So enjoy that mellow vibe while you can, hopefully you won't be just another sad statistic before drug testing is able to determine how high you actually are when you get pulled over. Time to get a Trimet bus pass.