Guilty Until Proven Innocent


Experienced heads have no problem driving well, even while smoking a joint. However, if the pigs harass you for mud on your license plate, and make you take a blood test which turns out positive, as long as one month after your last dubie, you can be charged for driving under the influence.

Sell you car. End having to pay gasoline tax, registration fees, insurance, etcetera. Grow your own weed, and pay no tax on that, either.
Anything other than flower is a drug. I have never once smoked way too much flower and then decided it was a good time to go drive.
I have smoked one hell of a lot of flower tops, and never had way too much to drive, other than not wanting to be bummed out by traffic.
Driving is even less distracting on Indica Hashish than on Sativa flowers.
Whatever, but it is still against the law. You should have a designated driver, unless you want to roll the dice.
I try to keep the THC meter way down during driving hours (in my case 'daytime'). But there's no telling when something like Rudy will half-swallow a big ol' chew bone and you've got to show off your "Night Moves" and get your pal some help. Hey! It's a jungle out there. You'll be Crucified if you swerve or brake suddenly. A lot of amateurs have messed up any chance of catching a pass. You're pretty much "toast".
It would be easy to say that the Soviets discovered the secret of survivable "travel" because they were more ruthless, more willing to sacrifice innocent lives. But there was really no lack of ruthlessness on the part of the CIA. It was really just a matter of approach.
The Soviets approached the mystery of the flesh interfaces the same way they approached their space program. The first humans in space (the so-called "lost cosmonauts" who were never officially acknowledged) were just ordinary people, culled from the gulags, with no more control over their missions than Laika the dog. The Americans, on the other hand, started with professional men, usually from the military.
Likewise, when it was discovered that objects and even animals which entered the flesh interfaces occasionally returned unharmed, the Americans began training men to enter the interfaces. Because they culled their men from certain military ranks, they were all of similar ages. The Soviets, however, used prisoners, who had a much wider age range, and so they were able to discover the essential correlation: the younger a person was, the more likely they were to survive "travel," and the longer they would survive after travel.
They discovered that 20-somethings were much more likely to survive, (albeit in a horribly "altered" state) than older people. They discovered that people in their early twenties fared better than those in their late twenties. Teenagers fared even better. So, despite all moral compunction, it was really a matter of time before they sent a child through.
And it was only after the first round of children went through that they gained any idea of what was on the "other side".
It's funny how some people think it matters whether or not something is legal. I know that it's illegal, FULLY AWARE, and I'm going to keep doing it. Like I have for the last 10 years. So fuck off mom.
Check out Totalitariland doing his best Dread impersonation. So many words. So little point.
You should also never throw a pot while driving, I don't care if you've had a pottery wheel installed next to the steering wheel, DON'T DO IT.
Are you 9mother9horse9eyes9, Totalitariland? That's some freaky shit dude! Trayvon can't handle that type of stuff though.
You're right xenophobe, I'm highly intolerant of gibberish.
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