In line for pizza at the film fest where active people sit quietly for 3 hours watching other people be active. You went to all three nights of the film fest, but I showed up just for the last night and you talked to me while waiting for your cider.

You liked the one about the adventurous guy and his dog from the first night and it won the Five Tissue Award or something like that (I'm guessing the dog dies). I'm fresh off a breakup and I haven't felt like dating but you seemed nice and cute and funny and I liked your green shirt.

Then I had my pizza, you had your cider, and we exchanged first names but nothing else.

My coworker friend says it would have been fine to offer my number after two minutes of talking, and he picks up ladies in line for groceries so he would know. His Texan upbringing made him ask if I should have let you ask for my number, and I don't care about those conventions very much, but I wish someone had said something. Your biblical first name is not much to go by when it comes to googling.