You and I crossed paths at the sauna, and maybe in another life we could have crossed pricks, but not this time. I've always had a fantasy of meeting a fit, red-bearded babe in the sauna and making sweet love to him. You came close to fulfilling that fantasy, but my partner was at the spa, too, and I don't think he would have liked it if I let another man touch me without his presence, or at least his explicit permission. You were shy and courteous when you gestured your question, "May I stroke you?" I may have been too snarky when I said, "You can look, but don't touch." I didn't want to tempt myself more than you had. I didn't want to tempt you more than I had, either, but when you came into the shower with a steel rod attached to your hips, I was hard-pressed not to carry a steel rod of my own. Thank you for not pushing the boundary, even though I know you wanted to. I wish you wouldn't have left the shower when I turned you down, though—it would have been nice to rub out together, even if we couldn't rub each other. I hope I see you again in the future.