You brought your speckled mutt to the dog park today, April 24th, even though you know that your dog likes to bite other dogs. My sweet, dumb, little brown dog came in to the dog park and you laughed with glee when your dog started chasing him. "Oh boy!" you said, clearly delighted that your dog was getting some exercise. Then your dog ripped a hole in my dog and you said "Well! I'm outta here!" and promptly left. What the hell is wrong with you? From the way you reacted it is clear that your dog does this all the time. Why do you take them to the dog park? Are you a shitty person? I have another dog that doesn't do well with strange dogs and I DON'T take her to the dog park, because I'm not a moron. I don't blame your dog for what happened, I blame you. And by the way, I couldn't fucking afford the $400 to stitch up the wound my dog suffered, and so he will have to deal with me painfully cleaning his wound everyday until it finally heals, leaving a big, nasty scar. You owe me $75 for the visit to the vet, you piece of shit. I hope you get sued.