You're an Uber-Dick


calmer than you are
What you did was more courageous than perhaps you realize. Road workers get runned down all the time. In Honolulu, HPD officers wearing yellow vests are assigned at road construction sites, in order to direct traffic. Even these cops get hit and run over.
I used to sell auto insurance and people would explain their accident and say "I saw her running the red light (or) I saw him merging in and I Blasted my Horn but they kept coming. I don't know what more I could have done to avoid the collision." They really think honking the horn allieviates their blame or responsibity. I've seen cars hit their horn way before stepping on their precious brakes. It's like hitting their brakes is an admission of guilt or like saying 'whoops I'm sorry'. Most aggressive people can't say I'm sorry, but believe people should always be saying it to them.