Anonymous Apr 29, 2016 at 7:29 am


Spoiler Alert!!! The author is white and lives in the Pearl.

Also, I think Rage Against The machine wrote a song or two on this very topic.

I found this I/A a long read, with a lot of crap we all already know. About Yoga pants, just leave this subject to the curb. For women, no matter how we look in them we will continue to wear them. Why be bound up in a waist band when you can have elastic stretch comfort?
The author seems to have gleaned scraps from several internet memes, Observer stories, and Facebook posts and strung them together with little regard for their accuracy or relevance. Boo. Bad form.
The only thing worse than a garden-variety troll is a wordy garden-variety troll.
Portland imported descendants of slaves from Southern US states during World War II. They all did for Portland what they all did for the South.
Can we just agree that we are ALL slaves?
You're going to marginalize an entire horrible experience by saying we are ALL slaves??
Umbrage has been taken.
substitute devil for aliens and you have the cosmology of the nation of islam circa 1950.
I,anonie, I started to read your jibber jabber, then I had to go to the comments to better understand. I think this rant should be on the too confusing rants. Ramble on and on and say nothing.

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